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Institute of Physics went through several phases of organization during its evolution. At one such phase, a Department for applied and advanced research was created. The department detaches from the institute in 1977 and following year department establishes Institute of Applied Physics. One of the laboratories at the newly founded Institute was “Laboratory for plasma spectroscopy and physics and technology of lasers” (this laboratory) with Dr Nikola Konjević as its group leader.

Research activities of the Laboratory can be split into two main tracks: (1) fundamental plasma physics research and (2) applied physics, where emphasis was on the development of gas lasers and their application to various domains in everyday life. Even though the Laboratory had distinguished results in both aforementioned directions and successful equipment renewal (see presentation – in Serbian), the group decided to move back to the Institute of Physics in 1983 due to the clear commercial orientation coming from the rest of the Institute of Applied Physics.

Before moving to the Institute of Physics, B. Lončarević and Z. Jeremić left the group. While scientists and/or engineers N. Konjević, V. Popović, P. Vujković-Cvijin, M. Trtica, I. Belić, Z. Babarogić, Z. Šolajić, S. Jovićević, P. Cibin, M. Dimitrijević, D. Ignjatijević, I. Mendaš and technicians P. Karanović, V. Simjanović, Đ. Grubišić returned to the Institute of Physics.

Of course, as time was passing the group members were changing. Firstly, P. Vujković-Cvijin, Z. Babarogić and Đ. Grubišić departed to USA, M. Trtica, I. Belić, D. Ignjatijević and I. Mendaš moved to other laboratories of the Institute, P. Cibin went to Titograd (today Podgorica) and M. Dimitrijević changed affiliation to Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade. Some time later, Z. Šolajić relocated himself to Australia. M. Ivković joined promptly after moving of the Laboratory to the Institute, while Lj. Vikor arrived some time later.

After N. Konjević changed his affiliation to Physical Faculty at 1988 and became the full-time professor there, the Laboratory went through new changes. M. Popović (now retired), B. Blagojević (now in USA), S. Milanović, Z. Pavlović (now in USA), I. Koralt (now in USA) have arrived in 15 years span. In meantime, V. Popović moved to another institution and P. Karanović got retired. Today, after V. Simjanović and S. Jovićević went to retirement, the Laboratory members are: M. Ivković, N. Sakan, M. CvejićM. Vinić, B. Stankov, I. Traparić and S. Milanović.

National projects

Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Low-Temperature Plasma and Discharges: Spectral Line Shapes and Interaction with the Surfaces

Low-Temperature Plasma and Discharges: Radiation Properties and Interaction with the Surfaces

Plasma Spectroscopy and Interaction with the Surfaces

Plasma and Discharges: Radiation Properties and Interaction with the Surfaces

1991-2000 (2 cycles)
Plasma Spectroscopy

Physics of Plasma and Lasers

Plasma Energetics

Quantum Optics