About the Laboratory

Laboratory for Plasma Spectroscopy and Lasers is part of the PHOTONICS CENTER of Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade.

The Laboratory is founded by Prof. Emeritus Acad. Dr Nikola Konjević at early seventies of the twentieth century. In its long history, the Laboratory even moved from one to other locations in Belgrade going from Institute of Physics (settled on the 4th floor of Faculty for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Belgrade), to Department for Applied Physics of Institute of Physics (Maršala Birjuzova) then to, Institute of Applied Physics (1980-1983) and finally from 1983 till now again becomes part of the Institute of Physics at today’s address.

Research areas of the Laboratory are experimental physics of gaseous discharges and low temperature plasmas, atomic and molecular emission spectroscopy (including line shapes and shifts, plasma diagnostics as well as laser interferometry), microwave-induced plasma, physics, techniques and technology of lasers (our first CO2 laser made in 1970; CO laser; HF laser), laser beam interaction with surfaces, atmospheric pollution monitoring (CO2 LIDAR 1981), laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), pulsed laser deposition and creation of nano-composites.

The best known field of research carried out from the the establishment of the Laboratory is the experimental and theoretical study of plasma line shapes, measurement of Stark broadening parameters and improvement of plasma sources and diagnostic techniques to increase quality of reported data used for theory testing and plasma diagnostics.