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The lab is equipped with the following devices:


Pulsed Radiation Sources (laboratory made)

CW Radiation Sources (laboratory made)

CW Radiation Sources (commericial)

Spectra Recording Systems

  • Monochromators – scanning:
    • Ebert, Czerny-Turner, Rowland circle
    • VUV, VIS, IR (100 nm – 20 μm)
  • Imaging spectrometer Jarrell Ash
  • Imaging spectrometer MS7504i
  • Echelle
  • Detection systems:
    • Photo plates and films (microdensitometer)
    • CCD
    • ICCD
    • Photomultipliers, photodiodes, IC detectors
  • DAQs:
    • pA meter (click on DAQs for photo)
    • Lock-in amplifier (click on DAQs for photo)
    • Boxcar averager (click on DAQs for photo)
    • Digital oscilloscopes

Power Supplies