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Projects and Plans

Full list of active national and international projects can be found at the top of Collaboration page. Previous national and international projects are enlisted at the bottom of History and Collaboration page, respectively. Available experimental setup is enlisted on the Equipment page.

Future plans are broadening international collaboration towards plasma spectroscopy in fusion plasma and application of LIBS to everyday life.

Our Possibilities

Development and diagnostics of new or insufficiently investigated plasma and gas discharges. Determination of atomic parameters (Stark-broadening parameters for elements that lack data or have data with enormous errors).

Job vacancies

We are always open for new (undergraduate and masters) students that are eager to learn and work in the laboratory. Of course, there is always possibility to continue collaboration on PhD studies. Returnees from abroad are welcome, as can be seen from MiloŇ°’ example.

Call for Collaboration

Of course we are always keen about new collaborations with any scientific group that is oriented towards similar goals. Besides fundamental research we are also willing to cooperate with the industry where laser application (e.g. non-metal cutting) or plasma application (e.g. in medicine) is needed.