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Professor Emeritus Acad. Dr Nikola Konjević

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KonjevicFounder of the PSL Laboratory
E-mail: konjevic@ipb.ac.rs
E-mail 2: nikruz@ff.bg.ac.rs
Room: 224, 1st floor
Phone office: (+381)11/31-61-258
Phone lab: (+381)11/37-13-178
Fax: (+381)11/31-62-190
Curriculum vitae 


Dr Nikola Konjević is the founder of the Laboratory at early seventies of the twentieth century. Presently Nikola Konjević is Prof. Emeritus at the Faculty of Physics, Belgrade University and full time member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Acad. Dr Nikola Konjević is working with us as a consulting member of our laboratory and by taking part in current research projects.

Research areas

  • Low Temperature Plasma Spectroscopy
  • Spectral Line Shapes and Shifts
  • Plasma Diagnostics
  • Laser Physics

Current projects

OI 171014Spectroscopic diagnostics of low-temperature plasmas and gas discharges: Spectral line shapes and interactions with surfaces – National project – Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

Laser induced plasmas: Spectroscopic diagnosis and applications in photonic and bio nanotechnologies, Joint Research Projects of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and Romanian Academy

Shapes and shifts of spectral lines in gas plasmas and electric gas discharges – National project of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts

Honors and Awards

  • Tribute to Nikola Konjević (2017)
    N. Omenetto and M. de Loos-Vollebregt, Editorial Tribute to Nikola Konjević, Spectrochimica Acta Part B 131, 138 (2017), DOI.
    Nikola Konjević and the Belgrade School of Spectroscopy: 50 years of scientific leadership and contributions to the advancement of plasma diagnostics, Spectrochimica Acta Part B 131, 139–140 (2017), DOI.
  • Symposium “Diagnostics of low-temperature plasma and gas discharges” (2015) organized by dr Kuraica and dr Ivković (both PhD students and collaborators of Prof. Konjević) to honor 50 years of scientific work and 75th birthday
  • Best reviewer (2009) for the Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer (JQSRT)
  • Title of Professor Emeritus (2008) at Physical Faculty, University of Belgrade
  • Full member (2006) of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • National award in physics “Prof. Marko Jarić” (1999) for research achievements in the spectroscopy of gas plasma and particularly for investigations of the influence of plasma environment to the shape and shift of spectral lines.
  • October award of City of Belgrade (1973) for studies of Stark broadening and shift of spectral lines in plasma
  • Numerous awards from national physics institutes (1976-2004)

Thesis Supervision

Selected publications

N. Konjević, Plasma broadening and shifting of non-hydrogenic spectral lines:Recent status and applications. Physics Reports. (1999); 316, No.6, pp.339-401, DOI.

N. Konjević, A. Lesage, J.R. Fuhr and W.L. Wiese, Experimental Stark widths and shifts for spectral lines of neutral and ionized atoms (a critical review of selected data for period 1989 through 2000). J.Phys.Chem.Ref.Data. (2002); 31, pp.819-927, DOI.

N. Konjević and J.R. Roberts, A critical review of the Stark widths and shifts of spectral lines from non-hydrogenic atoms. J.Phys.Chem. Ref. Data. (1976); 5, pp.209-57, DOI.

N. Konjević and W.L. Wiese, Experimental Stark widths and shifts for non-hydrogenic spectral lines of ionized atoms (a critical review and tabulation of selected data). J.Phys.Chem.Ref.Data (1976); 5, pp.259-308, DOI.

W.L. Wiese and N. Konjević, Regularities and similarities in plasma broadened spectral line widths. J.Quant.Spectrosc.Radiat.Transfer. (1982); 28, pp.185-98, DOI.

M. Ivković, S. Jovićević and N. Konjević, Low electron density diagnostics: development of optical emission spectroscopic techniques and some applications to microwave induced plasmas. Review. Spectrochim. Acta B (2004); 59, pp.591-605, DOI.

R. Zikić, M.A. Gigosos, M. Ivković, M.A. Gonzalez and N. Konjević, A program for the evaluation of electron number density from experimental Hydrogen Balmer beta line profiles. Spectrochim. Acta B. 2002; 57, pp.987-98, DOI.

N. Konjević, M. Ivković and S. Jovićević, Spectroscopic diagnostics of laser-induced plasmas. Review Spectrochim. Acta B. (2010); 65, pp.593–602, DOI.

N. Konjević, M. Ivković and N. Sakan, Hydrogen Balmer lines for low electron number density plasma diagnostics. Review. Spectrochim. Acta B. (2012); 76, pp.16–26, DOI.

M. Ivković and N. Konjević, Stark width and shift for electron number density diagnostics of low temperature plasma: Application to silicon LIBS. Review, Spectrochim. Acta B (2017); 131, pp.79–92, DOI.