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Dr Marko Cvejić

MarkoAssistant Research Professor
E-mail: markoc@ipb.ac.rs
Room: 223, 1st floor
Phone office: (+381)11/31-61-258
Phone lab: (+381)11/37-13-178
Fax: (+381)11/31-62-190
Curriculum vitae 


I was born in Požarevac where I finished high school. In 2007, I graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade (UB). I am employed in this laboratory since July 2009. I was involved in the experimental research of atmospheric pressure plasma discharges, laser induced plasma spectroscopy in air and underwater and pulsed laser deposition. The research in the field of plasma diagnostics of laser induced plasma was the subject of my PhD thesis, and in October 2014, I obtained the PhD degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UB. During a period 2010-2013 I was involved in several projects (through Laser Lab Europe projects and bilateral project “Pavle Savic”) with LP3 laboratory from Aix Marseille University in France in the measurements of Stark broadening parameters in laser produced plasma. In the July 2014, I was visiting researcher at Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Department of Photonics, where I worked on the experiment of Thomson scattering of laser-induced plasma.

Since October 2014, I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Plasma Laboratory at the Department of Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS). The subject of the current research at WIS is diagnostics of plasma implosion with pre-embedded magnetic field using magnetized z-pinch plasma configuration.

My other interests are photography and fitness.

Research areas

  • Plasma Diagnostics (plasma spectroscopy, Thomson scattering)
  • High Energy Density Physics (HEDP)
  • Plasmas under pulsed magnetic fields
  • Line-shape broadening in plasmas, Stark and Zeeman effects, polarization spectroscopy
  • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Physics of atmospheric discharges

Current projects

Weizmann Institute of Science. Investigation of the helical structures, current flow, and 2D effects in compression of plasma embedded in magnetic field
A fundamental investigation of the physics involved in the compression of axial magnetic fields by an imploding plasma column, a subject that is relevant to both laboratory and space plasmas. Recently, it has gained much interest due to advances in employing the concept of magnetic-flux compression for controlled fusion purposes (MagLIF).

Honors and Awards

  • TESLA PRIZE for the promotion of scientific research and creativity in Mediterranean (2014) – Petrović-Njegoš foundation (Montenegro), Special prize is awarded to M. Cvejić for the significance of his research and in support of development of his scientific career;
  • BEST POSTER AWARD for the poster entitled “Li I 460.3 nm line with forbidden component for LIBS electron number density diagnostics” presented at 6th Euro-Mediterranean Symposium on Laser-Induced Breakdown spectroscopy.

Selected publications

M.R. Gavrilović, M. Cvejić, V. Lazic and S. Jovićević; Secondary plasma formation after single pulse laser ablation underwater and its advantages for laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) (2016) Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 14629- -14637, DOI.

M. Cvejić, Krzysztof Dzierzega, T. Pięta; Investigation of the thermodynamic equilibrium in laser-induced aluminum plasma using the Hα line profiles and Thomson scattering spectra (2015) Applied Physics Letters, 107, 024102-1, DOI.

M. Cvejić, E. Stambulchik, M.R. Gavrilović, S. Jovićević, N. Konjević; Neutral lithium spectral line 460.28 nm with forbidden component for low temperature plasma diagnostics of laser-induced plasma (2014) Spectrochimica Acta – Part B, Atomic Spectroscopy, 100, pp. 86-97, DOI.

M. Cvejić, M.R. Gavrilović, S. Jovićević, N. Konjević,; Stark broadening of Mg I and Mg II spectral lines and Debye shielding effect in laser induced plasma (2013) Spectrochimica Acta – Part B Atomic Spectroscopy, 85, pp. 20-33, DOI.

M. Cvejić, Dj. Spasojević, N.M. Šišović, N. Konjević; A contribution to spectroscopic diagnostics and cathode sheath modeling of micro-hollow gas discharge in argon (2011) Journal of Applied Physics, 110 (3), art. no. 033305, DOI.