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MSc Ivan Traparić

PhD Student
Junior Researcher
E-mail: traparic@ipb.ac.rs
Room: 223, 1st floor
Phone office: (+381)11/31-61-258
Phone lab: (+381)11/37-13-178
Fax: (+381)11/31-62-190
Curriculum vitae


I was born in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There I finished my elementary and high school. After graduation from high school in 2015, I started my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Belgrade. I obtained my BSc Diploma in 2019, and in the same year I enrolled in Masters studies. Experimental work on Master Thesis was done in the Laboratory for Plasma Spectroscopy and Lasers. After getting my MSc Diploma, I decided to further pursue my scientific career and therefore started my PhD studies in the field of Physics of Ionized Gases and Plasma.

In my free time I enjoy playing and watching Basketball, Football and Table Tennis. Beside that, I also enjoy learning new languages.

Research areas

  • Fusion Physics
  • VUV and Optical Emission Plasma Spectroscopy
  • Stark broadening of spectral lines
  • Diagnostics of Pulsed Plasma Sources