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Seminar by Ivke and Miloš

On 9th September 2019 Ivke and Miloš held a seminar in the Library “Dr. Dragan Popović” at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. Ivke had spoken about the topic “Lasers, Laser Produced Plasmas and Optical Emission Spectroscopy”. Shortly after Ivke, Miloš gave the lecture “VUV Spectroscopy of Fusion Plasmas”.

New NF co-authorship by Miloš

Milos Miloš‘ previous work during the PhD research has payed off. The article on “Runaway electron beam stability and decay in COMPASS” has been published in Nuclear Fusion journal.

New publication by Miloš

Milos We are proudly presenting published article as a proceeding of the SPIG conference by Miloš. The article is entitled “Experimental Runaway Electron Current Estimation in COMPASS Tokamak” and published by Atoms journal.

New co-authorship by Miloš

Milos Miloš‘s previous work during the PhD research has payed off. The article on “Runaway Electron experiments at COMPASS in support of the EUROfusion ITER physics research”   has been published in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. The article is product of the plenary talk at the EPS Plasma Physics Conference held in Prague.

More details about Miloš contributions at the EPS conference can be found on the following link.

SPIG 2018

All members of the laboratory participated at the 29th Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG 2018) held in Belgrade (Serbia). Again, Prof. Кonjević held the introductory talk. Ivke was member of the Scientific Committee for the third consecutive time. Marijana, Milica and Marko each presented the poster titled “Underwater Ablation with Two Different Laser Wavelength”, “Nanoparticles on a Sample Surface as Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Enhancers” and “Current Distribution in an Experiment of Z-Pinch with Pre-Embedded Axial Magnetic Field”, respectively. While Biljana and Miloš presented the progress reports on “Beryllium spectral line studies in the presence of beryllium dust” and “Studies or Runway Electrons in COMPASS Tokamak”, respectively.

We are also proud for having invited two lecturers. First, Vincenzo Amendola, an associate professor of physical chemistry in the Department of Chemical Sciences of Padova University (Italy) gave a plenary talk on the “Laser assisted synthesis of magneto-plasmonic and UV-vis-NIR plasmonic nanoparticles”. Next, Andrei Pipa, research associate at the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology (Greifswald, Germany) held the talk on the “Equivalent circuit approach for electrical diagnostics of dielectric barrier discharges”. We would like to use this opportunity to thank them for coming.

For more details visit the following link.

Ivke chairing the Friday morning session, with Vincenzo (also on the photo) as one of the lecturers:
Source: www.spig2018.ipb.ac.rs

Andrei presenting his talk:
Source: www.spig2018.ipb.ac.rs

Marijana at front of her poster:

Selfie at front of Milica’s poster:

Marko at front of his poster:
Source: www.spig2018.ipb.ac.rs

Miloš presenting:
Source: www.spig2018.ipb.ac.rs

Biljana presenting:

Miloš contribute to EPS

MilosEven though he was not present, Miloš contributed to the 45th EPS Conference in Plasma Physics, held in Prague (Czech Republic). The main contribution was part of the plenary talk “Runaway electron experiments at COMPASS in support of the EUROfusion ITER physics research” given my his PhD mentor, Jan Mlynar. The talk will hopefully result in the peer-review article (now we know it did: see the link). Additionally, Miloš also co-authored the poster contribution “Analysis of MGI disruptions and runaway electron beams at COMPASS using tomography and fast camera data” presented by Ondrej Ficker.

For more details visit the following link.

Miloš gets employed

MilosMinistry of Education, Science and Technological Development has approved job application of Miloš as part of the returnee-employment program. He is now full member of the Laboratory and project ON 171014.

Miloš gets promoted

Scientific Board of the Institute of Physics Belgrade approved promotion of Miloš to research assistant.

Miloš becomes PhD

We are proud to announce that Miloš successfully defended his PhD thesis “Studies of Runaway Electrons in COMPASS Tokamak” on 30th November 2017 and obtained title Doctor of Engineering Physics. Full manuscript can be found here.

Committee members:

  • Em. Prof. Dr. ir. D. De Zutter1 (Chairman)
  • Prof. Ing. J. Limpouch, CSc.2 (Co-Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. ir. F. Beunis1 (Secretary)
  • Ing. V. Svoboda, CSc2.
  • RNDr. R. Pánek, Ph.D.3
  • Prof. J. R. Martín Solís4
  • Prof. Dr. ir. J.-M. Noterdaeme1,5 (Promoter)
  • Ereprof. Dr. ir. G. Van Oost1 (Promoter)
  • Dean Prof. Dr. Ing. I. Jex2 (Promoter)
  • doc. RNDr. J. Mlynář, Ph.D.2,3 (Mentor)

1 Ghent University
2 Czech Technical University
3 Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Science
4 Charles III University of Madrid
5 Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics


Fusion Days@BG

Miloš co-organized new edition of nuclear fusion summer school “Fusion Days@BG”, held in small hall of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation (Belgrade, Serbia) between 25th and 29th September.

For more details visit the following link.

Ivke and prof. Konjević on the opennig:

Ivke, Marijana, Milica and Biljana on the lectures:

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