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Dr Miloš Vlainić

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Milos E-mail: vlaki77@gmail.com
Curriculum vitae 


I was born in Subotica, year 1989, but raised in the nearby village Aleksa Šantić. I finished undergraduate physics studies in Novi Sad, after which I obtained Master and PhD degree in nuclear fusion as part of Erasmus Mundus program with Ghent University as home institution. I am also co-founded of Fusion Education Network, a non-profit organization that popularizes nuclear fusion in Western Balkan.

In free time I am also playing basketball and football, riding bike wherever and whenever I can and enjoying beer in any aspect.

Research areas

  • Plasma diagnostics
  • VUV spectroscopy
  • Nuclear fusion
  • Runaway Electrons

Selected publications

M. Vlainic, J. Mlynar, J. Cavalier, V. Weinzettl, R. Paprok, M. Imrisek, O. Ficker, M. Varavin, P. Vondracek, J.-M. Noterdaeme and the COMPASS Team,
Post-disruptive runaway electron beam in COMPASS Tokamak,
J. Plasma Phys., Vol. 81, 475810506 (2015), DOI.

M. Vlainic, J. Mlynar, V. Weinzettl, R. Paprok, M. Imrisek, O. Ficker, P. Vondracek, J. Havlicek,
First dedicated observations of runaway electrons in the COMPASS tokamak,
NUKLEONIKA, Vol. 60(2), p. 249-255 (2015), DOI.