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Miloš gets employed

MilosMinistry of Education, Science and Technological Development has approved job application of Miloš as part of the returnee-employment program. He is now full member of the Laboratory and project ON 171014.

Marijana’s new co-authorship

Marijana’s collaboration with Poland has payed off. The article on “Study of Stark broadening of Li I 460 and 497 nm spectral lines with independent plasma diagnostics by Thomson scattering”   has been published in Plasma Sources Science and Technology.

Miloš gets promoted

Scientific Board of the Institute of Physics Belgrade approved promotion of Miloš to research assistant.

New/old equipment from PTP Lab

We borrowed turbo-molecular pump (photo left) for high-vacuum and return our Penning plasma source (photo right) for VUV calibration from the Laboratory for Physics and Technology of Plasma, Faculty of Physics (Belgrade).


Miloš becomes PhD

We are proud to announce that Miloš successfully defended his PhD thesis “Studies of Runaway Electrons in COMPASS Tokamak” on 30th November 2017 and obtained title Doctor of Engineering Physics. Full manuscript can be found here.

Committee members:

  • Em. Prof. Dr. ir. D. De Zutter1 (Chairman)
  • Prof. Ing. J. Limpouch, CSc.2 (Co-Chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. ir. F. Beunis1 (Secretary)
  • Ing. V. Svoboda, CSc2.
  • RNDr. R. Pánek, Ph.D.3
  • Prof. J. R. Martín Solís4
  • Prof. Dr. ir. J.-M. Noterdaeme1,5 (Promoter)
  • Ereprof. Dr. ir. G. Van Oost1 (Promoter)
  • Dean Prof. Dr. Ing. I. Jex2 (Promoter)
  • doc. RNDr. J. Mlynář, Ph.D.2,3 (Mentor)

1 Ghent University
2 Czech Technical University
3 Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czech Academy of Science
4 Charles III University of Madrid
5 Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics


Fusion Days@BG

Miloš co-organized new edition of nuclear fusion summer school “Fusion Days@BG”, held in small hall of Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation (Belgrade, Serbia) between 25th and 29th September.

For more details visit the following link.

Ivke and prof. Konjević on the opennig:

Ivke, Marijana, Milica and Biljana on the lectures:

Marijana’s visit to ELI Szeged

Marijana visited ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) facility at Szeged (Hungary) on July 2017 as part of “Summer school – Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences”.

For more details visit the following link.


Marijana becomes PhD

We are proud to announce that Marijana successfully defended her PhD thesis “Interplay of cavitation bubble and plasma emission during single pulse laser induced breakdown on submerged target” on 30th June 2017 and obtained title Doctor of Electrical Engineering. Full manuscript can be found here.

Committee members:

  • Prof. Jovan Cvetić1 (thesis advisor)
  • Prof. Petar Matavulj1
  • PhD Marko Cvejić2

1 School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade
2 Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade

Biljana’s visit to IPP Greifswald

Biljana visited W7X stellarator at IPP (Institute of Plasma Physics) in Greisfwald May 2017 as part of “jDPG-Seminar on Plasma Physics – Wendelstein”. Beside that, she also had a tour to the Lubmin nuclear power station where she pushed the red button!

For more details visit the following link.


Tribute to Prof. Nikola Konjević

We are honored to announce that Journal Spectrochimica Acta B just published two articles to tribute long-lasting and fruitful scientific career of Prof. Konjević: “Tribute to Nikola Konjević”   and “Nikola Konjević and the Belgrade School of Spectroscopy: 50 Years of Scientific Leadership and Contributions to the Advancement of Plasma Diagnostics”.

These publications are result of Symposium “Diagnostics of low-temperature plasma and gas discharges” (2015) organized by dr Kuraica and dr Ivković (both PhD students and collaborators of Prof. Konjević) to honor 50 years of scientific work and 75th birthday.

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