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SPIG 2022

Ivke, Biljana, Neša, Milica and Ivan participated in 31th Symposium of Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG 2022), held in Belgrade at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art. The conference was organized in hybrid format, part of the lectures was online and the other part was on site. Ivke was member of the Scientific Committee for the fifth consecutive time. Neša was in the Ogranizing Committee.

At the poster presentation part of the conference, Biljana presented the poster entitled Spectroscopic characterization of laser-induced plasma on doped tungsten, while Ivan presented the poster entitled Elemental analysis of austenitic steel by calibration-free laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (CF-LIBS). Apart from this, we also presented, or participated in the following posters:

Self-mixing interferometry for plasma diagnostics – Nikola Goleš, Neda Babucić, Nenad M. Sakan and Milivoje Ivković

Application of artificial neural network in the analysis of the spectra from laser ablation combined with fast pulse discharge – Nenad M. Sakan, Milica L. Vinić, Vladimir A. Srećković, Ivan Traparić, and Milivoje R. Ivković

Modeling of Stark spectral line broadening by machine learning algorithms – Irinel Tapalaga, Ivan Traparić, Nora Trklja Boca, Jagoš Purić and Ivan P. Dojčinović