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Lecture by Biljana at Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade

In collaboration with Faculty of Dramatic Arts of University of Belgrade, through project CORIOUS, Biljana held a lecture called “Beriilium” at  Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade. This was a lecture with aim to promote science and to explain at first glance complicated scientific concepts and results to general public with original scenography and special effect, created by her colleagues from FDA. The official abstract of this lecture was:

Our Augmented Lecture goes high above us into the cosmos, among the stars, using the chemical element called Beryllium. Through it, Dr Biljana Stankov, a research associate at the Institute of Physics in the laboratory for Plasma Spectroscopy and Lasers, and Milica Stojšić, an architect and artist in the field of light design, meet on stage. Inspired by the doctoral research of the scientist Biljana Stankov, we came to the central question posed by this lecture: is it possible to put the glow of the stars, which we see at night, on our palm and look at it up close? And is it possible to create it? Our lecture will try to “catch” the completely elusive, to clearly “see” what is invisible to the naked eye and to infiltrate into the incredibly complex nature of light, thanks to which we see the whole world around us, and which we cannot perceive and understand independently. In the exceptional ambience of the Observatory on Zvezdara, which is intended for closer acquaintance and observation of the cosmos, we will try to create our own little cosmos on stage, in which the audience will get closer to and shed light on this incredible branch of science, at this exciting, joint site-specific lecture.