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Publications from 1998


B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović and N.Konjević,
Investigation of LS coupling in nitrogen II,
19th SPIG (Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases) August 31-September 4, 1998,
Zlatibor, Contributed papers, Eds.N.Konjević, M.Ćuk and
I.R.Videnović, Faculty of Physics, Belgrade (1998) pp.349-352.

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević,
Plasma broadening of analogous spectral lines of B II – C III and N II – O III,
ibid. pp.353-356.

R.Konjević and N.Konjević,
Plasma broadening of the Ar VIII 115.47 nm and 116.19 nm lines,
ibid. pp.373-376.

S.Jovićević, M.Ivković and N.Konjević,
Effects of wet and dry nebulizer gas on the temperatures in the tangetial flow MIP,
ibid. pp.497-500.

B.M.Blagojević, M.V.Popović and N.Konjević,
Investigation of LS couplong in in carbon II, Proceedings of the 2nd Yugoslav-Belorusian Symposium on Physics and Diagnostics of Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas,
September 5-6, Zlatibor, Yugoslavia, Eds. M.S.Dimitrijević and V.S.Burakov,
Publikacije astronomske opservatorije u Beogradu, Sv.61,Beograd (1998) pp.67-70.

S.Jovićević, M.Ivković, Z.Pavlović and N.Konjević,
Tangential flow MIPsource with desolvatationsystem,
ibid. pp.107-110.