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Publications from 1999


Plasma broadening and shifting of non-hydrogenic spectral lines:
Recent status and applications,
Physics Reports 316, No.6, 339-401 (1999).

A.Lesage, N. Konjević and J.R.Fuhr,
Progress in spectral line shapes and shifts valuation of experimental Stark broadening parameters,
14th International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes, State
College Pennsylvania, June 22-26, 1998. Ed.R.M.Herman,
Spectral Line shapes, Vol.10, AIP Conference Proceedings
467, AIP, New York (1999) p.27-36.

N. Konjević
On the plasma broadening and shifting of non-hydrogenic spectral lines,
XII Nat.Conf. of Yugoslav Astronomers and International
Workshop on the Development of Asreonomical Databases,
Belgrade 1999, Eds. L.C.Popović and M.Dačić,
Publ.Astron.Obs. Belgrade No.65 (1999) p.12, one page abstract

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović and N.Konjević, and M.S.Dimitrijević,
Stark broadening parameters of analogous spectral lines along the Lithium and beryllium isoelectronic sequences,
J.Quant.Spectrosc.Radiat.Transfer 61, 361-375 (1999)

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović and N.Konjević,
Stark broadening of spectral lines of singly ionized C, N, O, F and Ne,
Physica Scripta 59, 374-378 (1999)

1V.I.Arkhipenko, N.Konjević, M.M.Kuraica, L.V.Simonchnik and S.M.Zgurovskii,
Spectroscopic investigations of cathode fall region of the self-sustained glow discharge at atmospheric pressure,
24th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, ICPIG 99, 11-16 July 1999, Warsaw, Poland,
Contributed Papers, Eds. P.Pisarczyk, T.Pisarczyk and J.Wolowski, Vol. V (1999) pp.47- 48.

B.M.Blagojević, M.V.Popović and N.Konjević,
Systematic experimental studyof the Stark broadeningof C II, CIII, N II, NIII, O II and O IIIspectral lines.
Spectral Line shapes, Vol.10, Ed. R.M Herman, AIP Conference Proceedings 467, AIP New York (1999) pp.189-90.