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Publications from 1997


Plasma broadening and shifting of non-hydrogenic spectral lines: present status and applications,
Proceedings of the Second Yugoslav Conference on Spectral Line Shapes, September 29.-October 2, 1997,
Bela Crkva, Eds.L.Č.Popović and M.Ćuk,
Publ.Obs.Astron No.57, Belgrade (1997) p.7, one page abstract.

R.Konjević and N.Konjević,
On the use of non-hydrogenic spectral line profiles for electron density diagnostics of inductively coupled plasmas,
Spectrochim.Acta B 52, 2077-84 (1997)

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević
Plasma broadening and shifting of analogous spectral lines along isoelectronic sequences,
13th International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes, June 16-21, 1996, Firenze, Italy, published in AIP Conference Proceedings 386, AIP Press, New York (1997) pp.143-146.

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N,Konjević and Z.Pavlović,
Spectroscopic diagnostic of high current pulse discharge in the helium-nitrogen and helium
oxygen gas mixtures,
Procedings of “Plasma Physics and Plasma Technology” 15-19 September, 1997, Minsk, Eds.V.S.Burakovet al., Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics, Minsk (1997) pp. 349-351.