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Publications from 1996


B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević
Plasma broadening and shifting of spectral lines along the isoelectronic sequence of boron,
Phys.Rev.E 54, 743-56 (1996).

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević,
Stark broadening of spectral lines along the isoelectronic of lithium and beryllium,
18th SPIG (Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases) September 2nd-6th 1996, Kotor, Contributed papers, Eds.B.Vujičić and S.Đurović, Faculty of Sciences, Institute of Physics, Novi Sad (1996) pp.259-262.

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N.Konjević and Z.Pavlović, Spectroscopic diagnostics of high current pulse discharge in the helium-nitrogen gas mixture,
ibid. pp.318-321.

M.Ivković, S.Jovićević and N.Konjević, Spatial characteristics of the atmospheric pressure helium microwave induced plasma,
ibid. pp.322-325.

S.Jovićević, M.Ivković and N.Konjević,
Diagnostics of an atmospheric pressure argon microwave induced plasma,
ibid. pp.326-329.

I.R.Videnović, N.Konjević and M.M.Kuraica,
Experimental testing of the cathode fall region theories,
ibid. pp.379-382.

M.M.Kuraica, N.Konjević, I.R.Videnović and B.M.Obradović,
Electric field measurements in the cathode fall region of abnormal glow discharge in helium, ibid. pp.383-386.

Z.Mijatović, N.Konjević, S.Đurović and M.Ivković,
Search for ion-dynamics effects on the shift and width of plasma broadened neutral atom lines, 5th International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths, 28-31 August, 1995
Meudon, France, Eds.W.U.l.Tchang-Brillet, J.-F.Wyart, C.J.Zeippen, Publication de l’Observatoire
de Paris, Meudon (1996) pp. 130-131.

B.Blagojević, M.V.Popović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević,
Plasma broadening and shifting of spectral lines along isoelectronic sequence of boron,
ibid. pp.132-133.

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