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Publications from 1990


R.Kobilarov and N.Konjević,
Plasma shift and broadening of analogous transitions of SII, ClIII, ArIV, ClII and ArIII,
Phys.Rev.A 41, 6023-31 (1990).

S.Djurović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević,
Stark broadening of halogen atom lines from ( 1D)np levels,
Z.Phys.D 16, 255-60 (1990).

A.V.Kabashin, V.I.Konov, P.I.Nikitin, A.M.Prokhorov, N.Konjević and L.Vikor,
Laser-plasma generation of currents along a conductive target,
J.Appl.Phys. 68, 3140-6 (1990).

M.Kuraica, N.Konjević and M.Platiša,
Plasma diagnostic of Grimm-type glow discharge,
Tenth European Sectional Conference on the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases (ESCAMPIG), Orleans, Aug.28-Aug. 31, Abstracts of invited talks and contributed papers, Editor: B.Dubreuil, European Physical Society (1990) pp.237-238.

S.Đurović, N.Konjević and M.S.Dimitrijević,
Plasma broadening of BrI and II lines from ( 1D2)np levels,
ibid. pp.65-66.

M.Kuraica, N.Konjević, M.Platiša and D.Pantelić,
Electron densities in the plasma of a plane cathode glow discharge,
ibid. pp.245-246.

A.V.Kabashin, V.I.Konov, P.I.Nikitin, A.M.Prokhorov, N.Konjević and L.Vikor,
Use of spatially modulated laser radiation for plasma generation of
currents along metallic target,
ibid. pp.277-278.

Lj.Vikor, N.Konjević. S.A.Uglov, V.I.Konov and P.I.Nikitin,
Thin film deposition by gas phase pyrolysis of Fe(CO)5 and SiH4,
ibid. pp.296-297.