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Publications from 1989


Stark broadening of multielectron atom and ion lines: present status and applications,
XIX Int.Conf.Phen.Ioniz.Gases, Belgrade 10th-14th July (1989), Invited papers, Editor: V. Žigman, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade (1989) p.382-389.

S.Djurović and N.Konjević,
Stark broadening and shift of neutral iodine lines and regularities for analogous transitions of halogene atoms,
Z.Phys.D 11, 113-8 (1989).

S.Jovićević, N.Konjević, N.I.Chapliev, V.I.Konov and S.M.Pimenov,
CO2 laser-induced plasma formation on a copper surface covered by dielectric particles,
Appl.Phys.A 48, 283-7 (1989).

N.I.Uzelac and N.Konjević,
Stark broadening and shift of KrI and KrII lines in dense plasma,
J.Phys.B:At.Mol.Opt.Phys. 22, 2517-25 (1989).

R.Kobilarov, N.Konjević and M.V.Popović,
Influence of ion dynamics on the width and shift of isolated HeI lines in plasmas,
Phys.Rev.A 40, 3871-9 (1989).

S.Mijović, D.Pantelić, N.Konjević and M.Popović,
Width measurements of the plasma broadened HeII Balmer-beta line,
Fizika 21, 319-24 (1989).

N.I.Uzelac, R.Kobilarov and N.Konjević,
Broadening and shift of neutral helium lines in pulsed arc plasma,
XIX Int.Conf.Phen.Ioniz.Gases, Belgrade 10th-14th July, Contributed papers. Editor: J.Labat, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade (1989) pp.346-347.

A.V.Kabashin, N.Konjević, V.I.Konov, P.I.Nikitin, A.M.Prokhorov and L.Vikor,
Generation of electric current under the laser assisted production of asymetric plasma grating on metallic target,
ibid. pp.496-497.