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Publications from 2021


S. Sakan, S. Frančišković-Bilinski, D. Đorđević, A. Popović, N. Sakan, S. Škrivanj, H. Bilinski (2021) Evaluation of Element Mobility in River Sediment Using Different Single
Extraction Procedures and Assessment of Probabilistic Ecological Risk. Water 13, 1411. https://doi.org/10.3390/w13101411

Simić, Z., Sakan, N.M., Milovanović, N., Martinović, M (2021) Singly ionized Iridium spectral lines in the atmosphere of hot stars. International Astronomy and astrophysics Research Journal. 3(2), 33-47.

Simić, Z., Sakan, N.M. (2021) Сtark widths and shifts of Rh II in chemically peculiar stars. International Astronomy and astrophysics Research Journal. 3(3), 37-48.

N.M. Sakan, Z. Simić (2021). The introduction of more complex atoms in a cut-off Coulomb model potential, the Ar I model. Proceedings of the XIII Belarusian-Serbian Symposium “Physics and diagnostic of laboratory and astrophysical plasmas” PDP-13, December 13-17, 2021. Minsk, Belarus, 38-41

Sakan, N.M., Simić, Z., Dechev, M (2021) The optical properties of hydrogen plasma described in the frame of the fully quantum method based on a cut-off Coulomb model potential. 16 th ESPM – European Solar Physics meeting, 6-10 September, online