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Publications from 2011


M.A Gonzalez, M. Ivković, M.A. Gigosos, S. Jovićević, N. Lara and N. Konjeviić.
Plasma diagnostics using the He I 447.1nm line at high and low densities,
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 44, 194010 (7pp) (2011)

V. Lazic, A. Palucci, S. Jovicevic, M. Carpanese
Detection of explosives in traces by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy:Differences from organic interferents and conditions for a correct classification
Spectrochimica Acta Part B 66 (2011) 644–655

N.Konjević and M.Ivković.
On the application of optical emission spectroscopy for low electron density plasma diagnostics, Fourth Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, August 21-25, 20011. Zlatibor, Serbia, Book of Abstracts. Eds: M.M.Kuraica and B.Obradović,Published by Faculty of Physics. University of Belgrade, Studentski trg 12, Belgrade (2011) 15-16, Printed by 1909, MINERVA, Karadjordjev put 37, Subotica, ISBN 978-86-84539-08-5

S. Mar, J. A. Aparicio, A. Calisti, M. Ćirišan, M. I. de la Rosa, J. A. del Val, S. Djurović, L. M. Fuentes, M. A. Gigosos, M. Á. González, A. B. Gonzalo, K. Grützmacher, M. Ivković, N. Konjević, R. J. Peláez, C. Pérez and B. Talin,
Research areas of the Plasma Spectroscopy Group at the University of Valladolid,
Opt. Pura Apl. 44, 433-445 (2011), PDF