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Publications from 2006


M.A.Gigosos, M.A.Gonzalez and N.Konjević,
Temperature dependence of the Stark broadening dominated by strong collisions,
18th International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes, Eds.: E.Oks and M.S.Pindzola, June 4-9 2006,Auburn, Alabama, USA, American Institute of Physics Proceedings 874 (2006) pp.35-44

M.Ivković, S.Jovićević, R.Žikić and N.Konjević,
Application of spectral lines for low electron densitz plasma diagnostics.
VI Serbian-Belarussian symposium on physics and diagnostics of laboratory $ astrophysical plasma,
Belgrade, Serbia, 22-25 August 2006, Eds.: M. Ćuk, M.S.Dimitrijevć, J.Purić and N.Milovanović,
Publ. Astron.Obs. Belgrade, No.82, (2007) pp. 117-128.

M. Ivkovic, R.Žikić, S.Jovićević and N.Konjević,
On simultaneous determination of electron impact width, ion-broadening and ion-dynamic parameter from the shape of plasma broadened non-hydrogenic atom line,
J.Phys.B: At.Mol.Opt.Phys. 39, 1773-1785 (2006)

M.A.Gigosos, M.A.Gonzalez and N.Konjević,
On the Stark broadening of Sr+ and Ba+resonance lines in ultracold neutral plasmas.
Eur,Phys.J.D 40, 57-63 (2006)

S.Jovićević, M.Ivković and N.Konjević,
Excess broadening of hydrogen Balmer lines in a microwave induced discharge,
23rd Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases, August 28-September 1st, 2006, Kopaonik, Serbia, Contributed papers, Eds. N.Simonović, B.Marinković and Lj. Hadžievski, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia (2006) pp.307-31

V. Lazic, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, V. Spizzichino and S. Jovićević
Laser –induced plasma spectroscopy: principles, methods and applications
Invited lecture-Progres Report in The Physics of Ionized Gases, Eds: Lj. Hadžievski, B. P. Marinković, and N. S. Simonović, 23rd Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases, August 28 – September 1, 2006, National Park Kopaonik, AIP Conference Proceedings 876, 309-316, (2006)

I.Koralt, M.Ivković and N.Konjević,
LS-coupling scheme for O III 3p3D-3d3F0 levels,
ibid. pp.311-314.

S.Jovićević, M.A.Gigosos, M.Ivković, M.A.Gonzalez and N.Konjević,
Stark broadening of Li I 460.3 nm spectral line with forbidden component,
ibid. pp.315-318.

V. Lazic, R. Fantoni, S. Jovicevic
Matrix effect in LIBS water analyses
in Program & Abstracts, LIBS 2006, Laser Induced Plasma Spectroscopy and Applications, Montreal, Canada September 5-8, 2006, 74, (2006)