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Publications from 2004


M.Ivković, S.Jovićević and N.Konjević,
Low electron density diagnostics: development of optical emission spectroscopic techniques and some applications to microwave induced plasmas,
Spectrochim.Acta B 59, 591-605 (2004).

Anomalous Doppler broadening of hzdrogen Balmer lines in gas discharges,
V Symposium of Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro on Physics and Diagnostics of laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas – PDP-V 2004, Minsk 20-23 September 2004, invited lecture, one page summary in Contributed papers, Eds.: V.S.Burakov and A.F.Chernyavskii, Published by Institute of Molecular and Atomic Physics National Academy of Science, Belarus, Minsk (2004) p. 1.

S.Jovićević, M.Ivković, N.Konjević, S.Popović and L.Vušković,
Excessive Balmer line broadening in microwave induced discharges,
J.Appl..Phys. 95, 24-29 (2004)

I. Holclajtner-Antunovic, M. Raskovic, S. Jovicevic
Spectroscopic characterization of low power argon microwave induced plasma
Spectrochim.Acta B 59, 419–428, (2004)

Облик и помeрај спектралних линија у плазми и електричним пражњењима,
Глас CCCXCVII Одељења природноматематичких наука, САНУ, књига 59, 55 (2004).

M.Ivković, N.Ben Nessib anda N.Konjević,
Stark broadening of 3s3P0-3p3D transitions along carbon isoelectronic sequence of ions,
22nd Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases,
August 23-27, 2004, National Park Tara, Bajina Bašta, Serbia and Montenegro,
Contributed papers, Ed. Ljupčo Hadžievski, Vinča Institute, Belgrade, Serbia and
Montenegro (2004) pp.285-288.

S. Jovićević
Spectroscopic Study of Microwave Induced Plasma
Invited lecture-Progres Report. in The Physics of Ionized Gases, Eds: Lj. Hadžievski, T. Grozdanov, and N. Bibić, 22nd Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases, August 23 – 27, 2004, National Park Tara – Bajina Bašta, AIP Conference Proceedings 740, 315-327, (2004)

R. Žikić, V. Đoković, S. Jovićević i M. Ivković
Laserska depozicija ugljenika na tankoslojne polimerne supstrate
11 Kongres fizicara Srbije i Crne gore, Petrovac na moru, 3-5 june, CD book: s4_45.pdf, (2004)

M. Ivković, S. Jovićević, V. Đoković and R. Žikić
Preparation of nanocomposites using excimer laser deposition
16th National Symposium on Condensed Matter Physics, 20-23 september, p. 176, (2004)

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