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Publications from 1992


M.Kuraica, N.Konjević, M.Platiša and D.Pantelić,
Plasma diagnostics of the Grimm-type glow discharge,
Spectrochim.Acta 47B, 1173-86 (1992).

M.Kuraica and N.Konjević,
Line shapes of atomic hydrogen in a plane-cathode glow discharge,
Phys.Rev.A 46, 4429-32 (1992).

I.Videnović, M.Kuraica, A.Brablec and N.Konjević,
Gas temperature in a microwave boosted plane cathode glow discharge,
Eleventh European Sectional Conference on the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases, ESCAMPIG 92, St.Petersburg, August 25-28, 1992, Contributed papers, Ed. L.Tsendin, published by EPS (1992) pp.380-381.

B. Gaković, S. Jovićević, T. Nenadović, Z. Rakočević and Todorović
IR – laser beam interaction on Ti and TiB2
XVI SPIG Beograd, str. 156, (1993)