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Publications from 1985


Stark broadening of potassium lines,
Phys.Rev.A 32, 673-6 (1985).

R.Konjević, M.Platiša and N.Konjević,
Stark broadening of BrI lines,
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T.Pittman and N.Konjević,
Width and shift measurements of spectral lines of HeI in a proton gas,
ibid. pp.71-72.

N.Konjević and T.Pittman,
Electron impact broadening of spectral lines of singly ionized noble gases, multiplets np P -nd D,
ibid. pp.51-52.

N.Konjević and T.Pittman,
Stark broadening of NII lines from states of high orbital angular momentum,
XVII Int.Conf.Phen.Ion.Gases, 8-12 July, Contributed papers, Edited by J.S.Bacos & Z.Sorlei, Budapest (1985) pp.1010-1011.