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Publications from 1971


M.Platiša, J.Purić, N.Konjević and J.Labat,
Measurement of electron impact broadening of ionized berilium and barium lines in electric shock tube plasma,
Astron.Astrophys. 15, 325-8 (1971).

N.Konjević, M.Platiša and J.Purić,
Electron impact broadening of ionized chlorine lines,
J.Phys.B: Atom.Molec.Phys. 4, 1541-7 (1971).

J.Purić, M.Platiša and N.Konjević,
Stark broadening of singly ionized strontium and calcium lines,
Z.Phys. 247, 216-22 (1971).

J.Purić, N.Konjević, M.Platiša and J.Labat,
Stark shift of Cl I and Cl II lines,
Phys.Lett. 37A, 425-6 (1971).

N.Konjević and M.Platiša,
On the application of Griemćs semiempirical formula for the computation of Stark widths of
isolated ion lines in plasmas,
Third Conf. on Atomic Spectroscopy, July 6-9, Summaries of Contrib., J.J.Thomson Phys.
Lab., Reading (1971) pp.191-193.

N Konjević, M.Platiša and J.Purić,
Stark broadening of ClII lines,
10th Int.Conf.Phen.Ion.Gases, September 13-18, Contributed papers, Editor: P.A Davenport, Donald Parsons & Co Ltd, Oxford (1971) p.382.