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Dr Radomir Žikić

Žile was unofficially memeber of our laboratory and we successfully collaborated for a long time on various topics, including Stark broadening and PLD. For more details see the link towards his biography.

This fruitful collaboration resulted with several common scientific articles:

D. K. Bozanic, M. Ivkovic, N. Bibic, J. Hegewald, J. Pionteck, R. Zikic, V. Djokovic
“PS-NH2 + PMMA-COOH blend: A promising substrate material for the deposition of densely packed gold nanoparticle”
Physica Status Solidi – Rapid Research Letters 4, 85 (2010)

M Ivkovic, R Zikic, S Jovicevic and N Konjevic
“On simultaneous determination of electron impact width, ion- broadening and ion-dynamic parameter from the shape of plasma broadened non-hydrogenic atom line”
Journal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 39, 1773-1785 (2006)

S. Jovicevic, M. Ivkovic, R. Zikic, and N. Konjevic
“On the Stark broadening of Ne I lines and quasi-static versus ion impact approximation”
Journal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 38, 1249 (2005)

R. Zikic, M.A. Gigosos, M. Ivkovic, M.A. Gonzalez, N. Konjevic
“A program for the evaluation of electron number density from experimental hydrogen balmer beta line profiles”
Spectrochimica Acta Part B, 57/5, 987 (2002)