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New autorship by Milica et al

Milica visit to ENEA has payed off. The article “Quantification of heavy metals in oils with µL volume by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and minimazing of the matrix effect” has been published in Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy.

New NF co-authorship by Miloš

Milos Miloš‘ previous work during the PhD research has payed off. The article on “Runaway electron beam stability and decay in COMPASS” has been published in Nuclear Fusion journal.

New publication by Miloš

Milos We are proudly presenting published article as a proceeding of the SPIG conference by Miloš. The article is entitled “Experimental Runaway Electron Current Estimation in COMPASS Tokamak” and published by Atoms journal.

Biljana’s new publication

Milos We are proudly presenting published article by Biljana, her second article this year as the first author. However, the significant contribution of co-authors should not overseen. The article is entitled “Forbidden component of the Be II 436.1 nm line recorded from pulsed gas discharge plasma” and published by Europhysics Letters journal.

New co-authorship by Miloš

Milos Miloš‘s previous work during the PhD research has payed off. The article on “Runaway Electron experiments at COMPASS in support of the EUROfusion ITER physics research”   has been published in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. The article is product of the plenary talk at the EPS Plasma Physics Conference held in Prague.

More details about Miloš contributions at the EPS conference can be found on the following link.

Ivke’s new co-authorship

IvkeBranimir Blagojević, our former member, is again collaborating with us. Namely with Ivke’s and Prof. Konjević’. Together they published the article on “Semiclassical calculations of stark broadening parameters of He I lines, revisited”   in Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer.

Biljana’s very first publication

We are happy to announce that Biljana’s article on “Novel plasma source for safe beryllium spectral line studies in the presence of beryllium dust” has been published in Review of Scientific Instruments. We are even more proud that the article was chosen for the AIP Editor Pick’s collection. Note that the significant contribution of co-authors should not overseen.

Marijana’s new co-authorship

Marijana’s collaboration with Poland has payed off. The article on “Study of Stark broadening of Li I 460 and 497 nm spectral lines with independent plasma diagnostics by Thomson scattering”   has been published in Plasma Sources Science and Technology.

Tribute to Prof. Nikola Konjević

We are honored to announce that Journal Spectrochimica Acta B just published two articles to tribute long-lasting and fruitful scientific career of Prof. Konjević: “Tribute to Nikola Konjević”   and “Nikola Konjević and the Belgrade School of Spectroscopy: 50 Years of Scientific Leadership and Contributions to the Advancement of Plasma Diagnostics”.

These publications are result of Symposium “Diagnostics of low-temperature plasma and gas discharges” (2015) organized by dr Kuraica and dr Ivković (both PhD students and collaborators of Prof. Konjević) to honor 50 years of scientific work and 75th birthday.

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